oak hive

CIMG3549 - Version 2



4 thoughts on “oak hive

    • Hi,

      I too love bees and trees and would love to say yes, but what are you using it for? I can’t find “natural bee blog” and don’t know if it’s for commercial or non-commercial use. Please email me off the blog. Thanks. All best to you. bonegirlpix@gmail.com

      • Hi, I’ve only just started naturalbeeblogger by browsing through blogs about bees… so there right now only a few comments and likes to be found. But I would like to start blogging about bees, especially a more natural look at bees, and the oak hive picture would fit perfect to use for such a blog – and absolutely non-commercial.

      • Hello kindred-bee lover,

        Thank you for taking bees on. They are amazing, dancing, pollenating, transforming beings who need as many advocates and as much protection as they can get. Ironically, protecting bees also protects humans, but we’re not doing such a great job at that currently.

        I’m honored you want to use “oak hive” and would just appreciate credit for the photo: Elizabeth Weaver…and feel free to link to my blog or not. I don’t know what will work for your blog. I’m just happy you’re going to blog about bees.

        Please let me know when you start your blog since I’d love to follow it. I’ve been a strong proponent of organic since I was twenty in part for the water table and health, especially the laborers, and increasingly for the diminishing bees. You probably know that bees have no biological protection against toxins. They take everything in and transform it into honey. Pesticide use is one of many possible causes for the hive collapse that could threaten not only this beautiful species but agriculture at large. (It’s almost like a Monsanto and GMO wet dream.)

        So, please create a blog to help and honor these wonderful pollinators. I’m looking forward to it! Elizabeth


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