3 thoughts on “a meal & 5 little piggies

    • I don’t usually respond to comments on bonegirl as Elizabeth since this blog is from Zoe’s perspective, but in this case I am. I agree with you on both counts; however, not everyone can live as a vegetarian or vegan or omnivore due to biological and physiological differences that can even shift in one’s life, all of which complicates this issue. Also, why are plants and fungus and the like considered lesser life forms…it’s okay to eat them but not animals. We know so little about ourselves so far as other species. It’s absolutely awful that life must eat to live and that all life dies. It’s one of the worst aspects about being alive unless one fully holds that all life is one organism, which would eliminate either state as a separate entity. I’m not there so I grapple. What I can agree with 100% is that, as much as possible, I try not to support the ill-treatment of animals, plants, soil and the like, so I try to support small farms rather than big agriculture that wastes soil, water and treats most life as a commodity throughout its life. But my experience is that I need to make multiple ethical choices every day in ways that are rarely easy and encompass far more than food. Perhaps when this post was titled “a meal…” you thought I meant the sow was a meal. I actually meant that she was eating her meal, which like all meals was ephemeral. Thank you for you comment. Peace to you…peace to all.

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