protect beauty…go tofu-turkey!

Tofu-Turkey Recipe

Ingredient suggestions…amounts shift for taste and number of people, so approximate and use organic if possible for the flavor, environment and your health…

firm tofu–cut in 3/4″ thin slices (or use tempeh, which is healthier and is yummy when cooked well)…..saute onions, mushrooms, green peppers and celery….mix herbs (dill, marjorum, thyme, black pepper and tamari, etc.) and add to veges before layering…..

layer of tofu (uncooked, but if using tempeh, cook in oil about 5 minutes each side) then cooked veges (slightly undercooked) and keep layering until topped with veggies…

cook covered in oven at 200-300 degrees F for 2-5 hours.

golden gravy dressing: 1/2 C nutritional yeast flakes; 1/4 C flour; 1/3 C oil; 1.5 C water; 2-3 Tbsp tamari (soy sauce if necessary); 3/4 tsp salt; 1/8 tsp pepper….toast yeast and flour till it scents the air. add the oil and stir with a whisk while it bubbles and turns golden brown. add water, still stirring, until it changes to gravy-consistency. stir in tamari, salt and pepper

enjoy and happy thanksgiving!


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